Sothys Paris is the product we use at the kingdom. Sothys is a pioneering brand recommended by professionals in institutes and spas throughout the world (100 countries and 15,000 beauty centre). Its technically advanced treatments, combined with an exclusive method for face and body care based on Western and Eastern techniques, have made it a classic in beauty salons.


     The Sothys top level research and development laboratory can measure the effectiveness of its products to guarantee high cosmetic quality in terms of tolerance, comfort and penetration.


      Sothys has created different treatment lines in order to respond to the needs of skin that is suffering under various strains: variations in temperature, pollution, aging, fatigue, dehydration, as well as blotchiness, sensitivity, dryness oil excess and its accompanying blemishes.

Cleansers/beauty milks

Toners/beauty lotions

Hydra-Protective line



Sensitive Skin


Skin with fragile capillaries


Oily skin with blemish problem




Lift Defense




Total Cohesion



Oxygenating Line





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